Monday, 15 February 2016

The Shy, Head Scarfed Mathematician

As being born and brought up in a highly educated and liberal Bengali family, I didn't face any problem regarding conservative and illogical mind set up  till now. By the grace of God  my looks, my age, my education and my hobbies didn't create any obstacles in my personal and professional life as well. So my dear friends, you must be thinking then why the hell I am writing this blog at all.
      Well, I would like to let you know when you have some people around you riding on a roller coaster of obstacles and facing never ending challenges in life but still don't fail to reach the destination then it's not necessary to tell my own story.
       She is Jiah. A girl from a place located in coal belt of Jharkhand. When that little angel was detached from umbilical cord of her fifteen years old mother for the very first time,  she was greeted on this earth with sharp long howl full of sorrow by her relatives. Surprised!! Why!!! There's nothing to be surprised about. It's a baby girl. It won't turn out to be a source of income for the family. So, those wise adult minds of the family took the decision , it's better to revert back this worthless gift to Almighty. That 'new born' was about to be dipped into boiling water and killed. But the Homo sapiens are too dumb to realize that,  going against Almighty's will is not a easy stuff to do. 
            The fifteen years old mother turned almost a criminal in no time for the family members. How can she give birth to a baby girl!!! It's forbidden in  #STEREOTYPES SOCIETY you know. So she committed one more crime  after that. She went against the entire family and somehow she managed to hand this 'unwanted gift' over to her parents. Jiah was brought up by her  grand parents in Madhyapradesh.
            Almighty protected that pure soul with lots of love and affection. She was sent to religious school. She showed her potential in all subjects including a thorough scientific understanding in her religion and rituals. But her extraordinary excellence in Mathematics didn't skip the teacher's special attention.
           After few years her mother intelligently convinced her husband and other senior members of her family to get Jiah  back to her own family. The extent of her crime was diluted to some extent by that time as she gifted her family two 'valuable gifts'-two little baby boys.
          When Jiah came back to her birthplace, she is a young lady in her eighteens. A constant strong demand rose up from society to colour her hands yellow and to tie her in eternal knot. But those silly earthy bondages couldn't separate her from her strong devotion towards Mathematics. She started giving tuition classes and somehow managed to get herself admitted to a reputed college in her town. Three years passed and she became a graduate with Mathematics Honors. As the day passed she found herself in a sincerely committed relationship with Mathematics. Beautiful cos theta, sin theta , integral calculus, algebraic K-theorm and all that used to drive her crazy .
          After every two or three days, families from groom side started visiting her home with some rigid, baseless conceptions, questions and opinion like"Finished graduation !! Must be more than twenty then; still unmarried?? Something is not right then." or "What are you going to do dear with these meaningless degrees.  Anyway you have below average height (Jiah is Four feet eleven inches) with not so stunning look and have already turned twenty plus.  Your future seems like all dark". Jiah was careless and stood strong in all those rejections, judgements and even character assassinations.
   Meanwhile,  Almighty decided her to commit one more crime in her life (apart from being a girl and completing her graduation in Mathematics). She filled an application form for all India entrance test for bagging a M.Sc degree in Mathematics in her crime list. After getting selected in India's one of the most prestigious central institutions she witnessed a different situation.
 She felt being a weird creature in an institution like IIT. Young girls don't put on simple salwar kameez there, covering head with scarf ??? Do educated people dress like that!!! According to some IITans (some skinny girls who love to be in skin hugging jeans, tops and short skirts with a burgundy shine in hair strips and some cool dudes who just love to see the girls that way) Jiah is more than a criminal as she didn't update herself up with IIT trends and sincerely followed her religious traditions. She was left alone, criticized, humiliated like anything by so called sophisticated stylish community. But she remained a gorgeous, glamorous, beautiful and intelligent lady committed to her first and last love-The Mathematics.
     Now she is pursuing PhD in Mathematics (of course after clearing one more entrance test for PhD) from IIT and trying hard to develop new theories and horizon in Seismology. After her father (who refused to accept her as a child) met with an accident and got bed ridden (half paralyzed) she is running her family, taking great care of her sibling's education and at last providing selfless financial help to all her relatives who wanted to snatch her breath in boiling water. She is four feet eleven inches, she doesn't look very much stunning, she wears salwar kameez, covers her head up with scarf. She is twenty five now, still unmarried, not even her marriage got fixed upto now and is still being rejected by her society. This a lengthy list of her crimes which is still in process.

It's really very sad and disappointing for the Indian society, where on one side Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is achieving milestone success one after another, on the other hand it got revealed from Nihar Naturals #Iam capable survey
i. 69% of men agree that their judgement of women is based on their looks
ii. 64% of women agree that the judgements passed on them have affected their ability to reach their true potential
iii. 70% of women agree that majority of judgements on women are from family members or friends rather than strangers.
iv. 72% of women agree that working women face more judgements on their looks or their clothes than housewives.

"I'm breaking stereotypes based on appearance by sharing  experience at #IAMCapable
activity at BlogAdda in association with Nihar Naturals.”

She is Indeed Capable of being a damn succesful scientist, dressed in salwar kameez,  a head scarf and her shy nature. They are not going to be obstacles in between Jiah and Mathematics.



  1. People will think it's stupidity but I admit that once I got inferiority complex that I am 25 and still don't have a boyfriend because I am average looking... But Jiah and other so many girls who have achieved their goal instead of being a part of this stereotypes society makes me feel to be proud for myself... To be myself in my way

  2. Getting a boyfriend and looking more than average can't ever be the parameters of achievement in your life.It is high time to come out of the stereotypes shell and bless this earth with your talent, potential and positivity. Always be proud of being yourself. Getting boyfriend has nothing to do with your looks or your talent. Destiny plays a strong role there. But make sure to be the one who writes their own destiny themselves.

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  4. Every woman must be inspired from the young lady.

  5. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.