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I inherited the hobby of story reading (which has been pathetically replaced by online chatting,  online movie watching on you tube and destructive time killing with nimble fingers on touchscreen of smartphone now a days)  from my father. I still remember after coming back from school instead of  watching Walt Disney Cartoon show religiously I used to spend my free hours with story books. As being born and brought up in a Bong family I never ran short of amazing adventurous stories from Bengali authors (and of course English authors as well). Some went into deep forest of Amazon to kill the cruel Anaconda, some headed towards the Jungle of Masai Mara in Kenya and wrote a brave story of conquering the ferocious demon. In some books the pages were beautifully occupied by the breathtaking description how one won the access to inaccessible Mount Everest with his amazing rock climbing strategy. The great Tagore visited Iraq and received warm hospitality from the 'Bedouine chiefs'. Being fascinated by the beauty of desert and unperturbed Bedouine culture how beautifully he expressed his wish to be an "Arab-Bedouine". The 'Man-eaters of Kumaon', ' The Champawat Tiger', 'The Leopard of Rudraprayag' and many more from the legendary hunter Jim Corbett can easily accumulate a great anticipation for wild life and nature. 

So, naturally my dear readers you can easily realize the fact, as I spent a very sensual time period of my life with such huge collection of adventurous stories, the earthy smell always haunts me like anything. It was a time, when a child sets no boundaries or limits to his imagination, curiosity, anticipation or astonishment. The single and strong query of "what else are hidden in this mother earth" was a frequent visitor to my mind. The hunger to see the world, to know the world and to enrich my knowledge and experience bank drives me totally crazy. So my dream is to be a professional globe trekker or travel journalist. Though I was predestined to be a researcher but thankfully my life has taught me one great lesson regarding the energy exchange process between the 'Soul and the Universe', which takes the from like
“Whatever is being strongly imagined by you right now will take the test of your patience and positive thought to come true”.

Almighty has blessed me enough to make my dream true (slowly though). Though I couldn't be a globe trekker but I got some amazing opportunities to visit the African wild life and to have a friendly introduction with the Masai tribe.

  While visiting Cambodia the wondrous architectural piece of "Angkor Wat" (which was pictorially visible in history text book only) was right in front of my eyes. 


In Phuket the James Bond island surrounded with unbelievable natural fusion of rock and water was no more confined to the scene of James Bond movie but I was right there.

In Lakshadweep tour I met with all my fantasies about mysterious underwater world. During snorkeling session I almost imagined myself being my most favorite cartoon character 'The little Mermaid", swimming around with colorful bunch of piscine friends, an awkward lonely turtle and colorful corals.  

My eyes and curiosity are still too undisciplined to come under control. The entire land of great India with her huge natural diversity, the mesmerizing Pyramid and Sphinx in the desert of Egypt, the Neil valley and the Neil delta, the Alps in Europe, the Gondola ride in Venice, the colorful tulip garden in Amsterdam, Roman forum and the Colosseum in Rome, bioluminiscient beaches glowing like a night light in Maldives, cute and playful Penguin community, dove-white ice sculptures in Antarctica and that hypnotizing Aurora Borealis -like splashing watercolors the rippling colors across the dark night sky of Northern still crawl inside my sleepy eyes and take me to that unknown wonderland. 

I know a single life span won't be enough to disclose all hidden beauties and secrets in this mother earth. But definitely I would pray to God to bless me with my dream profession to travel at least half of my dreamland. 

                               ' And Miles to go before I sleep'- Robert Frost

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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

MOHE RANG DE: #KhuleKeKheloHoli

When little Rai used to come back home after school with her Grand Pa, the tall rock-wall engraved by some old fat tree routes always made her curious. She was completely obscured from the unknown world behind, by that notorious gigantic wall. An unseen world full of chirping, scuttling, and restless noise. The little mind was active enough to draw a vivid imagination of the noisy world behind the wall. 
One day she asked her Grand Pa
Rai: "Who are they Dadu? Why they constantly make noise?"
Grand Pa: "Few little kids stay there. As they are young just like     you, they create noise while playing."
 Rai: "But how can they play all the time? When I go to school, I hear them shouting and playing all over. When I return back from school I hear them doing the very same thing."
Grand Pa: Just a smiling silence. (He was not so willing to deliver more information to little Rai)
Rai: "Don't their teachers and parents scold them Dadu?"
Grand Pa: "I guess, No."
Rai: "Don't they have any homework to finish in time? Don't they have to mug up essay and rhymes for surprise test? You don't even allow me to watch Doremon after 6.30 as I have to finish my homework before dinner"
Grand Pa: " No beta, they don't have such stuffs to do."
Rai: "Why but? They are not punished by teachers for playing all the time and not doing their homework!!! Their parents too don't scold them!!"   
Grand Pa: "No, they don't go to school I think. They are orphans."
Rai: "They are what?" (Her eyes popped up. She was utterly confused as the word Orphan was something like brand new in her little vocabulary) 
Grand Pa: "Orphan. They don't have parents or anyone to take care of them. Most of them don't even go to school I guess. You are too young to understand their difficult and complex situation darling. Grow up a little more and you will realize the entire fact." 
For a while the little mind stopped questioning to Dadu. Somehow she felt by her Grand Pa' s wise words that she is somehow not allowed to dig the chirpy noise deeper. One fine morning Rai was all ready for her school. When she stepped out in street dressed in her white school uniform and loaded with her huge school bag (which seemed like too heavy for that little girl) that unseen wondrous noisy world was trapped into her eyes. She saw those noisy, playful orphans giggling, laughing and moving with great excitement, two or three adult people trying hard to make them stand in a queue. A bus (just like her school bus) was waiting in front of the gate (the always closed gate in the middle of that tall gigantic wall) and the noisy kids are getting into that bus one by one.  
Rai: " Dadu look, they are going to school I guess. But you told me that day they don't go to school."
Grand Pa: "They are not going to school beta."
Rai: "How do you know that?"
Grand Pa: " Can you see any of them in school uniform or carrying a school bag like you."
Rai: "NO. Then where are they going in that bus."
Grand Pa: "I don't know beta"
Rai: "But, I want to know Dadu. Why don't you tell me anything? You were saying something about their difficulty but I can't see any difficulty. They are so happy. Can't you see?"
Her Grand Pa could feel that little soul is slowly getting on her nerves and is almost about to burst into endless questions. So her wise Grand Pa intelligently calmed her down and assured her that after school he will elaborate the meaning "Orphan" to little Rai. Surprisingly, while coming back from school, Rai was not at all inquisitive towards the noisy world behind the wall. Her Dadu knew little girl's nature very well. Rai is a girl with huge passion for exploring the unknown, for investigating the undisclosed and for revealing the unrevealed. Her mysterious silence and unconcerned behavior struck the wise man. Now it was Dadu's turn to burst into curiosity. Careless Ria accumulated enough astonishment in Grand Pa's mind. Grand Pa almost prepared a short and brief Wikipedia on "Orphan" to present before Rai. He didn't want her to be aware of that dark, pathetic and unfortunate side of the society at this little age. So the prepared Wikipedia was  a softer and safer version of "Orphan". But Rai unknowingly wasted all his efforts.
Grand Pa: "Don't you want to know about those kids, who play all the time and don't do their homework at all?
Rai:  "Oh Yes!! They are Orphans, I know that."
Grand Pa: "But you had lots of question in your mind about their life this morning. Right?? Okay let me tell you then. I promised you any way."
Rai: "Yes, but I know everything about orphan now."
Grand Pa: "What!!! How do you know beta? I didn't say anything to you."
Rai:  "Our history teacher told us today."
Grand Pa: "What did she tell ? Did you ask her too?"
Rai: "No Dadu, I didn't ask her anything. But she told us the story of  great Mother Teresa in history class."
Grand Pa: "What she taught you in history class?" 
Rai: "She told us how Mother Teresa dedicated her entire life for well being of those poor, helpless orphans. I learned the meaning of charity today. She also told us that an educated person's life remains incomplete and meaningless unless and until he helps the needy people liberally. Each and every citizen should be inspired by Mother Teresa. I want to be like her. She was so amazing Dadu." 
Grand Pa was amazed, surprised and spellbound seeing little Rai's knowledge. Few days back she didn't even know the meaning of "Orphan" and today how amazingly she is well concerned about her duty and responsibility towards Orphan. Moreover he got shocked  and lost all his words by one more innocent question from Rai "Have you ever done any charity work for orphans Dadu?? How does it feel exactly??"

It was the month of March. Rai was at her home as her school was closed that day. A bright sunny day it was. The sky was shining, the foam like cloud was floating around. Little Rai was so happy seeing her money plant dancing in breeze. She felt mother nature is also participating  with her in that big event. The festival of color finally arrived. Today Rai is going to take her first little footstep towards her charity work. Dadu bought more than 50 pichkaris (spray guns) and gulaal (color powder) packets from market last night. Rai's parents ordered packets of samosa, mithai and other snacks for those noisy kids. They all went to that orphanage. Little Rai stood in front of that notorious wall. But it could no more isolate Rai from that noisy world. Rai was surprised seeing the sharp contrast between the two worlds separated by that huge wall boundary. It was not a special day for those orphans. They are not celebrating Holi, they have not put on any Holi special white clothes, they are not spraying water color or not throwing gulaal over each other.
They are playing playing and playing in dust just like any other day. 

Seeing Rai with her family, those little kids rushed to them. Rai distributed pichkaris to them. They burst into a high pitched uproar full of excitements. Rai colored their faces, she was engrossed in spraying color on them with her pichkari. They were so happy, so joyful, so restless in celebrating Holi with each other. Rai has no burden of homework today. She turned into a playful and noisy kid just like those orphans, playing Holi and enjoying the samosa and mithai with them. Grand Pa was standing still in the corner with his teary eyes. How amazing to see his little Rai playing the role of an innocent angel to those helpless and deprived souls.At this age he achieved a fulfillment to his life. His life is no more incomplete. Little Rai completed him.

 “I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”

Holi- A festival of color, a festival of love. Why to share the color and love only among ourselves. Why don't we spread the color in the colorless lives of thousand of underprivileged people. Why don't we share our love with them. Just a few little things can bring big smile on their face. So come and let's wake sleeping Rai up inside us. Let's complete our beautiful life this Holi.
Wishing a very happy and safe Holi to all my readers. No need to be scared of damaged skin and hair with harsh color. Prachute oil will take  great care of your hair & skin. Prefer herbal gulaal to commonly available chemical one. Set your spirit free.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

IF I HAD A TIME MACHINE: Those six days of Conversation with the Blue Lagoon

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Each and every human being is fortunate enough to accumulate some mesmerizing memories to cherish forever I guess. Some time we meet our fantasy, some time a series of phenomena suddenly come to our life which was beyond our expectation or some time we start a countdown for some specific days or moments that we wait for pretty long time. It is immaterial how such beautiful moments come to our life. But those moments often leave a lifetime memory in our heart, mind and soul. Some of us close our eyes and go back to those days. Some people maintain a diary or photographs and cherish those moments again and again whenever they get a chance. Some people (like us) who are basically driven by unbound imagination pray for a Time Machine to travel back to those days, to explore the timeless moments once again and to meet the fantasy of our life. 

Well, I am going to skip the travel destination of different time period or a different era. When you experience being in an wonderland in the present time period, is it really necessary to inch towards a different period!!  So friends, pardon me for deviating the travel destination. I will program my time machine to take me back to those six days where I met the world of fairy tale, my Grandma used to read those stories to me when I was a little kid. A world where there are no signs of pollution, corruption, violence, terrorism, political complexities or religious intolerance. Nature has blessed this land with its purity and serenity. People over there own innocent heart, genuine feelings and love for each other and don't radiate even a little negative vibes. 

Starting from my most favorite “The Little Mermaid” by Walt Disney, “The Blue Lagoon” (directed by Randal Kleiser, 1980) filmed on Turtle Island, Fuji, featuring a cute love story of two lovely tanned teens on a tropical island exploring their emotional feelings and physical changes to “Life of Pie” (directed by Ang Lee, 2012, awarded with four Oscars), I kept on captivating myself with that colorful underwater kingdom, sparkling sea through palm trees, golden sand bank glittered with white shells , sneaky and cautious crabs and of course the silent, calm islands.  

Day 1:

When I landed on Agatti airport, Lakshadweep (flying from Bangalore via Cochin), the first thought that hit the brain finally exposed itself in terms of words, Ohh finally!!! There, There…There it is!!! All my fascinations, that unapproachable dreamland with the boundary of innocent imaginations was trapped into reality right then right there.  I can see the blue water, I can receive the soothing earshot from there, I can feel the lovely breeze indulging me with fluttery stomach butterflies, giggles and heavenly pleasure. Lakshadweep is a group of 36 coral islands.

  From Agatti to Kadmat (the centermost island of this dreamy archipelago) takes a two hours ferry journey. On this tropical island, it was all sweaty and humid. I never thought that the shade of palm gazebo and a welcome drink of coconut water can be so pleasing and refreshing. Still those two round eyes were fixed at the white beach followed by bright blue sea just meters away. The infrastructure is entirely government run and the administration is sincere enough to promote tourism keeping the environment unperturbed. This Kadmat island is long and narrow. It is approximately 11 km by length and 0.57 km wide at the broadest point & you know what’s the best fact about this lovely narrow shape!!! Want to have a view of sunrise beyond the horizon?? The most difficult task you have to do for that to get up early…that’s it… go to reception side, grab a chair and seat on the beach. The first orange hued rays softly kiss the blue sky, the white sand and the most seductive blue lagoon, waking them up. It’s sparkling. How can it be so attractive, so magnetic. At first it was all blue, slowly ornamented itself with orange zig zag stripes, then yellow and finally that bright golden yellow pattern blended into the blue shades. She is naturally beautiful with her deadly bluish green shade (or greenish blue?? Sorry, I don’t know), why does she still demand for other shades from this nature !!! To look more beautiful or to drive the hydrophils (poor me) more and more crazy after 

While being on holiday (specially if your destination is exhausting humid tropical island) it may be a little difficult to get up early for some late riser tourists. No issue, that beautiful blue lagoon will never deprive you. Just locate some spot 0.57 km opposite to the sunrise point (I found my hotel’s beach cafeteria there) and an equally breathtaking sunset view will make you spellbound.

I was definitely not there to root myself to the earth.

So I used to throw myself back into that mysterious blue lagoon at least thrice a day. Hydrophils don’t have much stuff to do about on land except some boring routine deeds and of course exploring the beaches and the islands. Moreover, it wouldn’t have been fare to make my Sony Cyber-shot 35X optical zoom camera feel totally useless and non-existent. Leading into waist deep water and feeling the vibrating waves, cooling down the body temperature can be the most refreshing thing in such tropical weather. That blue beauty is quite dignified and merciful. It won’t break high waves every minute on you, won’t brush your head to toe up with sands, won’t drown in high waves and suffocate you with mouthful of saline water. Deeper and deeper you go inside, more and more she will amaze you with her beauty. 

Day 2 :

From the very first day on Lakshadweep I got habituated being half dipped in shallow water for most of the daytime (as the pleasure from air conditioner was far behind in competition). That lagoon became kind of a “chuddy-buddy” friend of mine. Giggling, scuttling, chit chatting, playing water volleyball and in all possible joyful acts I found her opposite to me. But as  the saying goes,  “There is nothing so powerful as the truth; and often nothing as strange”-Dr. Daniel Webster, it was my turn to realize I actually underestimated her beauty, her depth and her mystery.

We were taken to snorkeling session (included in our tour package) next morning by the instructor. What if my beautiful, merciful friend (whom I met just day back) backstabs me for being a non-swimmer!!! The trainer was caring enough to convince me that all she can give the tourists is, “Speechless sensation” . ‘Back stabbing’ would be a too harsh word to describe her. I was handed a life jacket, glasses and breathing apparatus. The sun was all out and shining with full vanity. The water was crystal clear making the underneath sand bed visible.  Learning how to float the body and keep balance on water surface killed initial 30 minutes of the tutorial session. It is difficult you know. I am a poor non-swimmer.  Being accustomed to sinking the head into the water and maintaining the breathing process absolutely normal ate up another 20 to 30 minutes. That shallow water blue lagoon was no more a friend of mine. It was accumulating panicking and horrifying feeling inside. 

                 The instruction session was forcefully brought to an end. Now it’s turn to go in the middle of the sea and throwing this helpless creature into it. The instructor led me handheld into the water and signaled me to look forward . The instructor was a damn liar. Only ‘speechless sensation’!!! Huh, my old day, childhood fantasy got a “Revivification”. The entire world of “The little mermaid” or of “Finding Nemo” was not on the screen this time. It was right in front of my eyes. The bunch of colorful piscine visitors trying hard to show their unity, the lonely awkward turtle swimming around (I wonder why it got no friends), the rocking algae and underwater weeds!! Is it really existent? Sometime a shining starfish rooted in sand was spotted, the brown crab (Ohh.. the Sebastian), a group of few little octopuses bubbling around, some giant white shells scattered here and there. That means it does exist. It is possible to meet the imagination or the fantasy in real. 

What about my favorite “Ariel”?? Where she is!! “I found her too”. Can’t you? That dreamy or more aptly a “Semi-real/semi -pseudo” journey continued upto 45 minutes. Somehow that kind hearted trainer managed me to get into boat and we returned to island. Can’t say exactly, but I think a full day drug intake will cause even less hangover (I never experienced though) than what I got after the snorkeling session.  For the rest of the day I stayed spellbound. Sitting out on the beach. Staring at the blue lagoon. A day back she was my friend. Today I envy her for her enrichment, her mesmerizing beauty, her endless mystery. I am so negligent, worthless, and inconsiderable in front of her.

 Day 3:

It cost a few hundred bucks extra as I again planned to go snorkeling next day (as it was not in the package). That extra charge seemed like immaterial to witness that vibrant underwater kingdom. Where I would play the role of that mermaid (not little though) and would find the little orange ‘Nemo’ once again. Holy Almighty should have blessed us with few extra eyes to grasp the beauty thoroughly. I was literally running short of human body organs to cherish the beauty there. But this time I played that self-built mermaid character more confidently. The mermaid was smart, quirky and cautious enough to observe every tiny thing underwater. As said by ‘Mama Ji’; “A mouthful of water won’t harm you but panic will”-Life of Pie, I overcame my panic quite fast. True lines are indeed. In the afternoon we went for glass bottom boat excursion followed by a friendly visit to the only village in Kadmat. The colorfully painted Juma mosque serving the island’s Sunni Muslim community teamed with the holy sound of Maghrib (a prayer from sun set up to one and quarter hours) made the sunset heavenly. The sharp school-closing bell broke the silence. A group of noisy children in immaculate school uniform, rushing out and laughing delivered their curious attention towards us. We exchanged a friendly introduction and received a strong demand to capture them in my camera lens.  Spending two hours there, we headed towards resort through repetitive layers of coconut trees, some clucking hens with her chicks by the road, joyful school returning kids. A quite, innocent and isolated village it is, far way from mainland hustles and bustles, political complexities and corruptions. That mysterious blue lagoon has protected it with all her serenity and purity. 

Day 4:

Now it’s time to say goodbye to Kadmat Island and to inch towards out next destination Bangaram Island. We started around 9’o clock in the morning. Seeing me placed on the window side seat, she again kept on fascinating me with her changing shades. It was all transparent around the shore, then it turned emerald green and finally the only visible shade was the third shade of rainbow. After two hours of ferry journey we stopped at a far distance from the shore. We were transferred from the steamer to small diesel chugging fishing boats one by one. The reason was, that island was surrounded by shallow water. 

                 Surprisingly, we were requested to stay at Tinnakara Island, just few meters opposite to Bangaram Island. Upon finding out the reason, we came to know some political ‘babu-sahib’ has arrived on that other side with his family and bodyguards. So we mango people including the non-Indian visitors are strictly prohibited to go that side. The hotel authority somehow managed to set up some temporary tents right on the beach with lavatory facilities. The tent was like a hot burning oven with no electrical connections. After boiling in sun for one hour we got one stand fan to get rid of unbearable heat and a packet of 10 candles to light up our 5 star rated tent after sunset. It was horrible. I suffered from seasickness in the morning like anything. After arriving at a different destination with strong sun overhead with mercury reading of 30-35 it was frustrating to see such arrangements. But when I had a chit-chat with my non-Indian guest fellows, they assured me that it would be one of my best travel experiences. 

So, I decided to divert my concentration from that horrible heat, that semi-boiling tent and all other negative and unnecessary complaints of mine. No sooner the idea peeped into mind. The land was hot and the mercury rose up to 35 on land. But what about inside shallow water!! I think mercury would come up with a different reading there. I jumped inside. Yes, it’s cool. I am not sweating anymore. I  rest myself through out the day inside lagoon (upto lunch hour) as it was impossible for Indians to stay inside the tent. After having buffet lunch in open air beach restaurant (one can find a long buffet table, 8-10 wooden chairs and tables for the guests) served by hotel stuffs with great hospitality (apparently they were embarrassed for these mismanagements and showed too much care towards us), I calmed down a little. Those hotel employees were genuinely caring and did everything possible to make us comfortable and relaxed.  

After lunch hours I decided to roam around the island as the white nest of mine was constantly generating irritation in mind. Just behind the tents a thick forest of coconut trees was there as far as the eye could see. That lush green coconut plantations complemented a soul soothing relieve from sun to some degree. With fluctuating light and shade dropping on to face and cool onshore breeze whistling through the coconut leaves I went through an afternoon nap. The peaceful nap got disturbed by chirping noise of birds returning nest. The sunset and the dusk were quite beautiful. It was surprising to feel how the mercury reading suddenly dropped with sunset.

Day 5:

A very same day it was just like the past one. Passing the entire morning in the water, having lunch and then seeking a shelter under the trees. But this time I went a little deeper inside the wood and found some local fishermen’s huts there. I found them quite curious to gather information about the creatures from mainland. I was offered half smoked tuna (a popular fish preparation in Lakshadweep) along with some dry snacks wrapped with great hospitality. They are basically fishermen and engage in coconut/sea shell trading when not engaged in fishing. 

                       In Tinnakara we didn’t have much night life activities except starlit walk along the beach, capturing the picturesque blue lagoon and the island in camera and having friendly conversation with other guest fellows (all together we were 10 tourists on that tranquil island). 

However the candle light buffet dinner in that open-air beach restaurant was quite exciting. That lagoon turned jet black in night and was constantly throwing its sound to establish its existence. After having dinner when I was out of the tent for having a night walk, one bizzare natural phenomenon didn’t skip my eyes. Something was glittering or more appropriately flashing a neon blue glow on the sand bank. I rushed to that spot.  Some scattered particles on the sand and flowing with seawater were shining in surreal blue light. I tried hard to explore what it was actually but unfortunately, no one came up with any helpful information. Later, on web surfing I came to know it was a phenomenon of ‘bio-luminescence’.  

Day 6:  

The best thing happened on day 6 was that, the political Indian ‘babu-sahib’ left Bangaram Island and we got the permission to explore that little island too. After lunch we hired a speedboat to go on the other side. On that side too the tourists have to accommodate themselves inside tent. Only two or three rooms are available there with electric connection and simple air-condition facilities but restricted to VIP guests only.  But I found that side little more comfortable than Tinnakara. The tents were under shades of coconut tress and hence much cooler inside. At least you can manage to stay inside the tent with a stand fan and don’t have to take shelter in the wood when sun is strong over your head. 

I continued walking along the beach and witnessed a magnificent view of the coral kingdom that got exposed as water receded away from the shore under play of gravitational pull leading to lowering of water level. As the afternoon inched towards the dusk slowly those beautiful underwater panorama started exposing themselves through the crystal clear water. It was a breathtaking piece of scenario. Those colorful coral colonies are most diverse and beautiful of all marine habitats. Some were stone like hard and some were fragile.

 Some were annular in shape, some adopted irregularly bushy like structure and some of them looked like human brain. Time really flies. When it started turning dark we realized that, almost two and half hours were killed obliviously in exploring the diverse reef morphology. 

After having evening tea at Bangaram beach restaurant we came back to Tinnakra to spend our last night on this stunning archipelago.
It was just a six day stay on Lakshadweep. But the most beautiful gift I received from this lagoon kissed calm islands with minimal human interference was, I met all my fantasies there. They were deep rooted inside the innocent imaginations and frequently used to crawl silently in those two little dreamy eyes. But finally they came in front of me. Though I got jealous of my gorgeous friend for her changing shades, her beauty and her divinity but I can’t deny she trapped my wonderland and gifted me the same to cherish forever.

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I hope, all my silent readers were my co-passengers in the time machine and enjoyed the journey a lot. Thank you so much for going to that lagoon kissed fantasy island through my eyes. Please share your feelings about this journey before leaving.  

Saturday, 5 March 2016


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"Women are complicated, we all know that"-Candice
"Women are complex creatures"-Talib Kweli 

Some old age compliments (or comments, I doubt) that are very carefully reserved for us. Huhh!! Whatever!! But dear Men, have you ever considered a fact before awarding us with such stunning quotes and conceptions. You people (The Men) are no less than such awards in our life. In an woman's very own sphere 'A Man' always deserves a very sensitive corner for what we all women want to be terribly proud of. The man can be a father, a lover, a brother, a husband or a son. But you men can literally provide us a heavenly emotional security. However we might be, simple or complex; dumb or intelligent; working or non working; beautiful or with below average look; introvert or extrovert.....but trust me, we all crave for a protection, a security and an acceptance from you. 
       So please listen to me darling !! It may turn out to be a little torturous to you but 'Pinky Promise' I won't be over demanding.

"May I Have  Your Kind Acceptance Please !!!"

It wouldn't be fare if I will break all strong built conceptions on women's complexity. I won't dare to refuse those great minds on earth who drew the conclusion that "Women are complex creatures". Yes they are. I am too a complex woman with simple needs and desires. Some time I love being like a toddler who is not even capable to understand simple facts like "Sun rises in east and sets in west". Some time if I will start delivering critical speech like " Wonder is the feeling of philosopher & philosophy begins in wonder' , you may find me rivaling some world renowned philosophers. Don't be surprised if you by chance catch me struggling with my mobile calculator to find out how much I have to pay to the grocer for 5 Kg of grains and 5 Kg of vegetables. Equally,  don't stress your brain out if I engross myself in the study of neutron, proton, nucleus or electron. I know it's a little difficult to handle a person with multiple personality. But I need your acceptance to 'be myself'. Please allow me to 'be myself'. By the way don't you know that I am a nice piece of creation? C'mon you should know that man!!1 Let me grow as I want to, let me be as I dream to.

"You are not Brad Pitt & I am not Angelina Jolie too"
Do you have biceps and triceps?? Can you show me your six pack under  the T-Shirt. No?? You can't !!! Pheeww!! Don't worry man. I too don't have a vital stat of '36-24-36'. I know "Men will be Men". Don't hesitate if you can't discipline your eyes to be focused entirely on me. I am not that unkind creature. At the same time remember, I am a person who prefers to stay miles and miles away from insecurity and inferiority complex. No one has stopped you to please your eyes with eye candy. You can share with me freely what actually drew your attention. At least I can have some tips for betterment or make over. I will try my best to be your eye candy. But please don't hide. Like all of us you are too a simple human being with some simple hormone glands controlling your physical and emotional flow. I am quite liberal to understand this. Most importantly, we have been very good friends of each other for long days. Don't suppress your thoughts and feelings from me, as I don't do that. Don't be secretive. Honesty is not only a policy, it's a principle too. You can change your policy according to your convenience but your principle defines you. Okay, too much lecture I guess, so let's end it right here right now.  Ohh!! Sorry, I forgot !!!One last thing-"Women will be Women too" & "Women love Brad Pitt. :)". So why you don't try the #Set Wet products religiously to be my eye candy. I know it will work.

  "No need to pay the bill, it's better to pay attention to the soul"

Not all girls dream to get married you know. I am surely one of them. Soaking chicken in vinegar early morning to make lunch in the afternoon is not my ambition. You too know it very well. I want to get a PhD without studying a lot, I want to publish my research papers in international journals, I want to be recorded in Guinness book as craziest shopaholic person, I want to travel around the globe, I want to write some good novels, I want to see myself in the middle of the stage as a famous classical dancer, I want to learn, I want to grow. But be assured that, my dreams and ambitions are definitely not going to hammer your saving account. I will try my best not to hand you my bills to pay. 
    But I want you to be someone  who will not only take care of me materialistically, but also will take care of my heart & well being. You have to help me to be a better person, help me to grow, help me to take my strength out, help me to destroy my negativity. Promise me, you will take care of my soul.  

Respect: Give It to Get It 

Have you heard the name 'Isaac Newton'?? He invented three beautiful laws of motion. Newton's third law states that: 'Each and every action has an equal and opposite reaction'. Apart from motion this law can be applied to respect also.  A beauty with a brain chooses respect over attention, as we all know. I don't know about the beauty. As far I know myself, I don't have any attention seeking syndrome. But I believe that, I deserve genuine respect in your heart. I am not perfect, so not you are. I am not the best, so not you are. But a perfect relationship takes the respect most from both the hearts. It's your job to respect me and my duty is to give you something to respect me. Don't worry, I am a dutiful citizen anyway. Promise me, you will respect my life, my interest, my decisions, my hobbies, my emotions, my near & dear ones. You will respect all those things that combinedly represents the 'real me'. There will be no room for ego, competition, underestimation and comparisons in our relationship.

 That's all my dear. You remember I promised you at the beginning that I won't be over demanding towards you. I think I have kept my promise. Just one last line. Promise me, you won't hurt my existence and will do everything possible to flourish it. I don't want anything else from you. I feel awesomely blessed to have you in my life. You are one of the parts in this universe which defines me and completes me. Now it's your turn to keep your promise. 

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