Saturday, 5 March 2016


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"Women are complicated, we all know that"-Candice
"Women are complex creatures"-Talib Kweli 

Some old age compliments (or comments, I doubt) that are very carefully reserved for us. Huhh!! Whatever!! But dear Men, have you ever considered a fact before awarding us with such stunning quotes and conceptions. You people (The Men) are no less than such awards in our life. In an woman's very own sphere 'A Man' always deserves a very sensitive corner for what we all women want to be terribly proud of. The man can be a father, a lover, a brother, a husband or a son. But you men can literally provide us a heavenly emotional security. However we might be, simple or complex; dumb or intelligent; working or non working; beautiful or with below average look; introvert or extrovert.....but trust me, we all crave for a protection, a security and an acceptance from you. 
       So please listen to me darling !! It may turn out to be a little torturous to you but 'Pinky Promise' I won't be over demanding.

"May I Have  Your Kind Acceptance Please !!!"

It wouldn't be fare if I will break all strong built conceptions on women's complexity. I won't dare to refuse those great minds on earth who drew the conclusion that "Women are complex creatures". Yes they are. I am too a complex woman with simple needs and desires. Some time I love being like a toddler who is not even capable to understand simple facts like "Sun rises in east and sets in west". Some time if I will start delivering critical speech like " Wonder is the feeling of philosopher & philosophy begins in wonder' , you may find me rivaling some world renowned philosophers. Don't be surprised if you by chance catch me struggling with my mobile calculator to find out how much I have to pay to the grocer for 5 Kg of grains and 5 Kg of vegetables. Equally,  don't stress your brain out if I engross myself in the study of neutron, proton, nucleus or electron. I know it's a little difficult to handle a person with multiple personality. But I need your acceptance to 'be myself'. Please allow me to 'be myself'. By the way don't you know that I am a nice piece of creation? C'mon you should know that man!!1 Let me grow as I want to, let me be as I dream to.

"You are not Brad Pitt & I am not Angelina Jolie too"
Do you have biceps and triceps?? Can you show me your six pack under  the T-Shirt. No?? You can't !!! Pheeww!! Don't worry man. I too don't have a vital stat of '36-24-36'. I know "Men will be Men". Don't hesitate if you can't discipline your eyes to be focused entirely on me. I am not that unkind creature. At the same time remember, I am a person who prefers to stay miles and miles away from insecurity and inferiority complex. No one has stopped you to please your eyes with eye candy. You can share with me freely what actually drew your attention. At least I can have some tips for betterment or make over. I will try my best to be your eye candy. But please don't hide. Like all of us you are too a simple human being with some simple hormone glands controlling your physical and emotional flow. I am quite liberal to understand this. Most importantly, we have been very good friends of each other for long days. Don't suppress your thoughts and feelings from me, as I don't do that. Don't be secretive. Honesty is not only a policy, it's a principle too. You can change your policy according to your convenience but your principle defines you. Okay, too much lecture I guess, so let's end it right here right now.  Ohh!! Sorry, I forgot !!!One last thing-"Women will be Women too" & "Women love Brad Pitt. :)". So why you don't try the #Set Wet products religiously to be my eye candy. I know it will work.

  "No need to pay the bill, it's better to pay attention to the soul"

Not all girls dream to get married you know. I am surely one of them. Soaking chicken in vinegar early morning to make lunch in the afternoon is not my ambition. You too know it very well. I want to get a PhD without studying a lot, I want to publish my research papers in international journals, I want to be recorded in Guinness book as craziest shopaholic person, I want to travel around the globe, I want to write some good novels, I want to see myself in the middle of the stage as a famous classical dancer, I want to learn, I want to grow. But be assured that, my dreams and ambitions are definitely not going to hammer your saving account. I will try my best not to hand you my bills to pay. 
    But I want you to be someone  who will not only take care of me materialistically, but also will take care of my heart & well being. You have to help me to be a better person, help me to grow, help me to take my strength out, help me to destroy my negativity. Promise me, you will take care of my soul.  

Respect: Give It to Get It 

Have you heard the name 'Isaac Newton'?? He invented three beautiful laws of motion. Newton's third law states that: 'Each and every action has an equal and opposite reaction'. Apart from motion this law can be applied to respect also.  A beauty with a brain chooses respect over attention, as we all know. I don't know about the beauty. As far I know myself, I don't have any attention seeking syndrome. But I believe that, I deserve genuine respect in your heart. I am not perfect, so not you are. I am not the best, so not you are. But a perfect relationship takes the respect most from both the hearts. It's your job to respect me and my duty is to give you something to respect me. Don't worry, I am a dutiful citizen anyway. Promise me, you will respect my life, my interest, my decisions, my hobbies, my emotions, my near & dear ones. You will respect all those things that combinedly represents the 'real me'. There will be no room for ego, competition, underestimation and comparisons in our relationship.

 That's all my dear. You remember I promised you at the beginning that I won't be over demanding towards you. I think I have kept my promise. Just one last line. Promise me, you won't hurt my existence and will do everything possible to flourish it. I don't want anything else from you. I feel awesomely blessed to have you in my life. You are one of the parts in this universe which defines me and completes me. Now it's your turn to keep your promise. 

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