Sunday, 28 February 2016


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Each and every human on this earth is God gifted with a 'Signature Identity'  A little complex right?? Okay, Let me explain then. If I name 'Albert Einstein' the first thing that strike our mind is 'Extraordinary Intelligence'. What about Lata Mangeshkar , 'Extraordinary mesmerizing voice' every one can say without even a single thought. Likewise for 'Preity Zinta' it would be 'Extraordinary cute smile with a deadly dimple in her cheek'. Anyway, they are celebs and have strongly established their identities in this world. Forget those stars. They are out of our reach. What about us, the mango people!! All of us too carry a particular 'Signature Identity', I believe. If we walk down to the memory lane leading to our school days and randomly recall the names of our schoolmates, a definite impression or identity would come flowing into mind. Someone was great dancer and was used to steal the entire stage and spotlight. Some used to stand first throughout the entire school life quite miraculously, someone was fantastic to talk to or someone  was awesome to look at. 
     Likewise, the surrounding world assigned 'The ultimate hard worker' identity to me. My teachers, my parents and friends had a strong belief like 'She may not possesses an outstanding intelligence quotient (IQ) but her dedication, sincerity and hard work can shake the stage'. It feels really prestigious when you are fixed with such a dignified signature identity by the world and keep doing justice to their belief and opinion. Securing myself consistently within top five in school days every year crowned me with admiration and appreciation from everyone. In that entire process I established a robust belief system within me that,' keep working harder & harder and success will chase you'. 
        The day was 26.11. 2008, I still remember. I was in graduation third year after appearing in my second year examination just three months back.  On the day of judgement, my university announced that at the cost of past one year hard work I managed to score only 47% aggregate in my subject, Chemistry. Right after entering in my college life that self-built robust belief system started shaking quite badly. The hard work was no more in a direct proportional relationship with my success. Day by day I was losing my hard earned 'Signature identity'. I was lost, I was confused, I was extremely uncomfortable in that unknown land of disappointment. Struggling like anything to find out 'What is actually missing'!!! I used to study thoroughly, systematically as I used to do in my school life. I didn't choose any wrong subject as chemistry was all time most favorite subject of mine.  
             Two years ago, I refused to follow the old age tradition of appearing in all India joint entrance examination for Engineering & Medical, because I  dreamed of being a successful chemist and chemist only. But for some unknown reason the entire universe started pointing its index finger to me. I didn't see my parent's smiling face that time, I stopped receiving appreciation form my teachers and relatives. Slowly I witnessed my identity to be transformed from 'Hard Worker' to 'Below Average'. I passed the entire year in trying to give a re-birth to myself and fighting hard to rediscover my lost identity. 

     One day the final year examination knocked the door. It was supposed to be the last day in college before examination. Like everyone else I reached college to collect my admit card and was informed that my admit card has not been dispatched from university and I have to collect it directly from university. Accompanied by my mother I rushed to university for my admit card. But upon checking the dispatched list of admit cards I came to know somehow they missed to issue an admit card against me. So I was a final year graduation candidate that time who is going to appear in her final examination just after three days and that too without any valid roll number. When all other candidates were engrossed in their last hour studies, I was doing my last hour preparation for getting my admit card. Finally, when I got my ticket to exam hall, only last eighteen hours were left to do my 11th hour preparation.

                 On 9th July, 2009 the result declaring website instructed me to put my Roll No in the blank space and then to click submit button. Upon submission, the screen was showing 'The candidate did not appear/Invalid roll number'. One more battle was started to fix this issue. The battle field was of course the main university campus once again. Around mid August they discovered the reason behind the chaos. Due to some technical fault (or appropriately some manual error) my roll number was not listed in their system and my marks were not recorded in the website. Finally when I got my final mark sheet  it was the month of September. All my batch mates already started their master course by that time. But I had a year lack for not having my mark sheet at proper time. All those unwanted disturbance and obstacles toughened me enough, I was broken though but I refused to quit. Next year I cracked the M.Sc entrance test and got admitted to IIT for carrying my dream forward. 
          I am a person who generally hates to tell her own story. It makes me feel odd. I know for most of my readers the story of my 'My Doomsday Moment' seemed like a very much ordinary story with apparently negligible impact on my life. But those ordinary 'Doomsday Moments' taught me some extraordinary lessons of life forever which I can't resist to share .
  • Some time the universe will please us with some extra ordinariness e.g some extraordinary talent, extraordinary looks, enrichment, extraordinary relationships, extraordinary fame and popularity etc. making us feel satisfied or blessed enough. But certainly it is not going to give us the pleasure like 'Buy 1 Get 1' basis. 
  • It (the Universe or in other words the Almighty) will keep a sharp eye on us. It will throw test papers on us to check how worthy we are of this extra ordinariness. The test papers often come as 'Doomsday Moment' in our life.
  •  We should never show denial or escapism to these test papers. Rather we should appear in test with calm mind, strong faith and everyone's blessing and good wishes. That is the only way of showing respect to Universe's (or Almighty's) judgement process.
  • If we at least put sincere efforts to pass the test (even if we can't pass the test completely) the Universe will definitely reward us at the end. Believe me, that reward will come like 'Buy 1 Get 3' basis.
  • In the entire process we must keep our Karmic Account neat and clean. Only then we can avail 'Buy 1 Get 3 offer' vert smoothly.
  • At last but not the least while answering these test papers, we should try to reveal every possible lessons that Universe wants us to learn directly and indirectly.
  In the year of 2012 when my name was announced on the convocation stage as a gold medalist, once again I witnessed a transformation of my 'Signature Identity' through my mother's teary eyes, my father's proud face,the clapping ear shots, my friend's shouting voice calling my name loud.The identity was transformed from 'Below Average' to 'The Golden Girl from IIT'. It was rather much much more than 'Buy 1 Get 3', I guess. 

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I pray for all my silent readers, may they reveal their own 'Signature Identity' and do everything possible to flourish the identity more and more. Please share your feelings before leaving.

Friday, 19 February 2016

'If I Could Create A TV Show': The Brave Indian Daughters

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Life is Beautiful' ; as said by someone unknown does not necessarily come true all time. If we come out of our comfy and smooth life shell, can witness a number of cases where, a person has been thrown in an earth shaking challenge of life. A challenge, where life seems like meaningless, destiny turns out to be a cruel punishment and the society shows a ruthless denial to acceptance and sympathy. 
         Jennifer was God gifted with a magnetic speaking capacity and had been noticed for this special talent from  childhood days. The quirky, smart girl was a complete social bee and excelled in the field of journalism. This beautiful, attractive journalist used to have a flourishing career in a national news channel and was quite popular in her work place for her sincerity and friendly nature.
     Being a bestseller author was Noor's one and only ambition in life. She was an insane devotee to literature. Any story or article crowned with Noor's authorship could bring a life to it quite easily. Her intelligent twists and turns with words and highly expressive writing was capable enough to gather all kind of emotions in her reader's heart.  
      When Simi was just three or four years old, most of the time she used to kill in doing ramp walk in front of the mirror in her bedroom. Making her sit down and finish her homework quietly, was one of the most horrible tasks to her mother. The only two places where Simi used to be most available were, either in front of the bedroom mirror or on the couch opposite to television screen. She was a born diva. Her charming style sense teamed with an innocent look used to force every passerby to turn around and to give a second look on her.
      'Life was indeed beautiful' for all of them. Wasn't it!! After recognizing their keen interest, passion and potential, all of them were in the different journeys with the very same destination-success, excellence and most importantly, establishment of their identities in their respective fileds. But, TV shows can't have a record breaking TRP if the story is so simple and flows with full of lovey-dovey and happy go lucky mood. There must be a sharp U-Turn.  Well, catch your breath!! There is a U-Turn. 
     At a certain point of time Jenifer, Noor and Simi met each other on more or less similar stage of life. Jennifer was given a challanging project from her News Channel to cover an exciting news story revealing the act of  wide spread corruption of a political 'babu-shaib'. While doing so quite passionately,  the journalist was spotted by that minister and was gang raped by his efficient and obedient group of pupil. The best lesson ladies are being taught now a days in this country. 
The crime that Noor committed was, she published an article in some magazine, where she rose her voice high against the religion propaganda and some orthodox  religious leaders. Her intention was nothing but to save thousands of innocent people from being victimized in the name of religion. Those leaders blessed her with droplets of holy acid. 
What about Simi!!! Anyway she was a struggler model cum actress.On denying an offer for being the showstopper at the cost of compromising and vulgar proposal from a well-known, celibrity fashion designer, she met with a knock down in her budding fashion carrier. The unethically manipulated photographs of her were deliberately made viral in internet and no sooner she became a God-forbid in society. 
             If I could create a TV show, my story would definitely reveal how Jennifer, Noor and Simi stood up in the devastation and re-build their lives once again. How they opened their own theater where Jennifer became the marketing cum publicity director, Noor started writing the short plays and script for the drama and Simi secured the leading role in most of the plays. They were not alone. The theater turned almost like a shelter and bliss to many young bright talents who got victimized in child trafficking, forced marriage and prostitution or begging mafia. Even after being helpless victim of destiny they reached their ultimate destination-they established their existence in their spheres. 
  I really do believe from core of my heart that, television and media have always come up with powerful protest when justice has been denied, crime has threatened human kind and innocence has been accused. There are thousands of Jennifer, Noor or Simi in real life who got rudely punished by the society for being brave and taking a strong side of truth. My very own TV show is dedicated to all those brave hearted survivors of rape, acid attack or any physical and mental violent attacks. They have proved 'Life may not be beautiful' all time but 'Life Must Move on' . They have written their own destiny once again and didn't allow their painful past, acid burnt skin, wounded soul to take the control over their future.

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     I hope you have enjoyed my  TV show with a duration of few minutes and have appreciated the strength and bravery that Jennifer, Noor and Simi showed to life and to entire patriarchal society of this country.

Please share your feelings before leaving. It would be a great pleasure. 

Monday, 15 February 2016

The Shy, Head Scarfed Mathematician

As being born and brought up in a highly educated and liberal Bengali family, I didn't face any problem regarding conservative and illogical mind set up  till now. By the grace of God  my looks, my age, my education and my hobbies didn't create any obstacles in my personal and professional life as well. So my dear friends, you must be thinking then why the hell I am writing this blog at all.
      Well, I would like to let you know when you have some people around you riding on a roller coaster of obstacles and facing never ending challenges in life but still don't fail to reach the destination then it's not necessary to tell my own story.
       She is Jiah. A girl from a place located in coal belt of Jharkhand. When that little angel was detached from umbilical cord of her fifteen years old mother for the very first time,  she was greeted on this earth with sharp long howl full of sorrow by her relatives. Surprised!! Why!!! There's nothing to be surprised about. It's a baby girl. It won't turn out to be a source of income for the family. So, those wise adult minds of the family took the decision , it's better to revert back this worthless gift to Almighty. That 'new born' was about to be dipped into boiling water and killed. But the Homo sapiens are too dumb to realize that,  going against Almighty's will is not a easy stuff to do. 
            The fifteen years old mother turned almost a criminal in no time for the family members. How can she give birth to a baby girl!!! It's forbidden in  #STEREOTYPES SOCIETY you know. So she committed one more crime  after that. She went against the entire family and somehow she managed to hand this 'unwanted gift' over to her parents. Jiah was brought up by her  grand parents in Madhyapradesh.
            Almighty protected that pure soul with lots of love and affection. She was sent to religious school. She showed her potential in all subjects including a thorough scientific understanding in her religion and rituals. But her extraordinary excellence in Mathematics didn't skip the teacher's special attention.
           After few years her mother intelligently convinced her husband and other senior members of her family to get Jiah  back to her own family. The extent of her crime was diluted to some extent by that time as she gifted her family two 'valuable gifts'-two little baby boys.
          When Jiah came back to her birthplace, she is a young lady in her eighteens. A constant strong demand rose up from society to colour her hands yellow and to tie her in eternal knot. But those silly earthy bondages couldn't separate her from her strong devotion towards Mathematics. She started giving tuition classes and somehow managed to get herself admitted to a reputed college in her town. Three years passed and she became a graduate with Mathematics Honors. As the day passed she found herself in a sincerely committed relationship with Mathematics. Beautiful cos theta, sin theta , integral calculus, algebraic K-theorm and all that used to drive her crazy .
          After every two or three days, families from groom side started visiting her home with some rigid, baseless conceptions, questions and opinion like"Finished graduation !! Must be more than twenty then; still unmarried?? Something is not right then." or "What are you going to do dear with these meaningless degrees.  Anyway you have below average height (Jiah is Four feet eleven inches) with not so stunning look and have already turned twenty plus.  Your future seems like all dark". Jiah was careless and stood strong in all those rejections, judgements and even character assassinations.
   Meanwhile,  Almighty decided her to commit one more crime in her life (apart from being a girl and completing her graduation in Mathematics). She filled an application form for all India entrance test for bagging a M.Sc degree in Mathematics in her crime list. After getting selected in India's one of the most prestigious central institutions she witnessed a different situation.
 She felt being a weird creature in an institution like IIT. Young girls don't put on simple salwar kameez there, covering head with scarf ??? Do educated people dress like that!!! According to some IITans (some skinny girls who love to be in skin hugging jeans, tops and short skirts with a burgundy shine in hair strips and some cool dudes who just love to see the girls that way) Jiah is more than a criminal as she didn't update herself up with IIT trends and sincerely followed her religious traditions. She was left alone, criticized, humiliated like anything by so called sophisticated stylish community. But she remained a gorgeous, glamorous, beautiful and intelligent lady committed to her first and last love-The Mathematics.
     Now she is pursuing PhD in Mathematics (of course after clearing one more entrance test for PhD) from IIT and trying hard to develop new theories and horizon in Seismology. After her father (who refused to accept her as a child) met with an accident and got bed ridden (half paralyzed) she is running her family, taking great care of her sibling's education and at last providing selfless financial help to all her relatives who wanted to snatch her breath in boiling water. She is four feet eleven inches, she doesn't look very much stunning, she wears salwar kameez, covers her head up with scarf. She is twenty five now, still unmarried, not even her marriage got fixed upto now and is still being rejected by her society. This a lengthy list of her crimes which is still in process.

It's really very sad and disappointing for the Indian society, where on one side Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is achieving milestone success one after another, on the other hand it got revealed from Nihar Naturals #Iam capable survey
i. 69% of men agree that their judgement of women is based on their looks
ii. 64% of women agree that the judgements passed on them have affected their ability to reach their true potential
iii. 70% of women agree that majority of judgements on women are from family members or friends rather than strangers.
iv. 72% of women agree that working women face more judgements on their looks or their clothes than housewives.

"I'm breaking stereotypes based on appearance by sharing  experience at #IAMCapable
activity at BlogAdda in association with Nihar Naturals.”

She is Indeed Capable of being a damn succesful scientist, dressed in salwar kameez,  a head scarf and her shy nature. They are not going to be obstacles in between Jiah and Mathematics.