Friday, 19 February 2016

'If I Could Create A TV Show': The Brave Indian Daughters

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Life is Beautiful' ; as said by someone unknown does not necessarily come true all time. If we come out of our comfy and smooth life shell, can witness a number of cases where, a person has been thrown in an earth shaking challenge of life. A challenge, where life seems like meaningless, destiny turns out to be a cruel punishment and the society shows a ruthless denial to acceptance and sympathy. 
         Jennifer was God gifted with a magnetic speaking capacity and had been noticed for this special talent from  childhood days. The quirky, smart girl was a complete social bee and excelled in the field of journalism. This beautiful, attractive journalist used to have a flourishing career in a national news channel and was quite popular in her work place for her sincerity and friendly nature.
     Being a bestseller author was Noor's one and only ambition in life. She was an insane devotee to literature. Any story or article crowned with Noor's authorship could bring a life to it quite easily. Her intelligent twists and turns with words and highly expressive writing was capable enough to gather all kind of emotions in her reader's heart.  
      When Simi was just three or four years old, most of the time she used to kill in doing ramp walk in front of the mirror in her bedroom. Making her sit down and finish her homework quietly, was one of the most horrible tasks to her mother. The only two places where Simi used to be most available were, either in front of the bedroom mirror or on the couch opposite to television screen. She was a born diva. Her charming style sense teamed with an innocent look used to force every passerby to turn around and to give a second look on her.
      'Life was indeed beautiful' for all of them. Wasn't it!! After recognizing their keen interest, passion and potential, all of them were in the different journeys with the very same destination-success, excellence and most importantly, establishment of their identities in their respective fileds. But, TV shows can't have a record breaking TRP if the story is so simple and flows with full of lovey-dovey and happy go lucky mood. There must be a sharp U-Turn.  Well, catch your breath!! There is a U-Turn. 
     At a certain point of time Jenifer, Noor and Simi met each other on more or less similar stage of life. Jennifer was given a challanging project from her News Channel to cover an exciting news story revealing the act of  wide spread corruption of a political 'babu-shaib'. While doing so quite passionately,  the journalist was spotted by that minister and was gang raped by his efficient and obedient group of pupil. The best lesson ladies are being taught now a days in this country. 
The crime that Noor committed was, she published an article in some magazine, where she rose her voice high against the religion propaganda and some orthodox  religious leaders. Her intention was nothing but to save thousands of innocent people from being victimized in the name of religion. Those leaders blessed her with droplets of holy acid. 
What about Simi!!! Anyway she was a struggler model cum actress.On denying an offer for being the showstopper at the cost of compromising and vulgar proposal from a well-known, celibrity fashion designer, she met with a knock down in her budding fashion carrier. The unethically manipulated photographs of her were deliberately made viral in internet and no sooner she became a God-forbid in society. 
             If I could create a TV show, my story would definitely reveal how Jennifer, Noor and Simi stood up in the devastation and re-build their lives once again. How they opened their own theater where Jennifer became the marketing cum publicity director, Noor started writing the short plays and script for the drama and Simi secured the leading role in most of the plays. They were not alone. The theater turned almost like a shelter and bliss to many young bright talents who got victimized in child trafficking, forced marriage and prostitution or begging mafia. Even after being helpless victim of destiny they reached their ultimate destination-they established their existence in their spheres. 
  I really do believe from core of my heart that, television and media have always come up with powerful protest when justice has been denied, crime has threatened human kind and innocence has been accused. There are thousands of Jennifer, Noor or Simi in real life who got rudely punished by the society for being brave and taking a strong side of truth. My very own TV show is dedicated to all those brave hearted survivors of rape, acid attack or any physical and mental violent attacks. They have proved 'Life may not be beautiful' all time but 'Life Must Move on' . They have written their own destiny once again and didn't allow their painful past, acid burnt skin, wounded soul to take the control over their future.

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     I hope you have enjoyed my  TV show with a duration of few minutes and have appreciated the strength and bravery that Jennifer, Noor and Simi showed to life and to entire patriarchal society of this country.

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  1. Loved your take on the tv show since the emotions were flowing high along with the story line...

  2. Thank you so much Ruchira for your kind appreciations