Saturday, 5 August 2017


Some bonds float effortlessly through the stormy cloud of reality. Such bonds define time. Its every fragile second of existence challenges reality. The past, the present and the future collapse. The gate to many other dimensions closes. But these connections refuse to break the friendship, to fade away the love, the youth, the charm. They are true-blue. They remain unwaveringly loyal, faithful. They remain unchangeably loving. This world kills you every moment with some tiny, harmless phrases like 'Be Realistic', 'Be Practical', 'Do Compromise'. Your dreams, your passions get dumped to the fatal shore like a waste material. But every time your wings get clipped off, they lovingly replace with new ones. They hand you the axe to demolish the wall of mediocrity, the wall of routine. Behind the thick layer of tears, pain, sorrow, they help you to keep the stars alive in your  doe eyes. They are the alpha and they are the omega.

I have matured quite a bit over past few years. We all mature with damage, not with years. The old age, innocent concept of love, that I had when I was just past my eighteenth spring, has entirely changed. It has changed by jet speed and is still changing. I have grown so much, if I was a tree, I would have reached moon by now. These days, love is all about molding yourself in others shapes. Love is about accumulating others validation. Love is about begging others acceptance. Today the concept of love is best portrayed on the platform of braggartism. Everyone would say they love you, they have tremendous love for you and they just can't survive without you. But behind that veil of love lies obsession, possession, a constant urge to have a total control over you. It demands you to surrender. Even a slightest trace strength and courage within you threatens them. It gives an aching sense to their ego. In worst cases, the love may end up where it takes the form of narcissism and manipulation. 

Some are upset with your high ambitious mind. Some don't want you to project your strong voice. Some are unhappy with few extra pounds around your waist line, your frizzy hairs with the split ends, your non-plastic flawed looks. Some just can't understand why do you have that itchy feet of adventure with the atlas in your hand. Some expect you to be busy with soaking chicken in vinegar and adding the herbs and spices into it like a Master-chef. Some are insanely judgemental towards your 'off the beaten path' attitude. Slowly one day you wake up with the realization that while trying so hard to love and to be loved, you lost your identity. You don't get any smallest clue about 'who actually you are', as it disappeared  behind the cloud of ' what you should be'. You don't understand what you truly want to do and what you actually deserve. 

But there are certain souls out there who share your burden, when there's nothing quiet or gentle with your life. They happily stomach your intense and unstable emotional energy, when life piles up constant bruises and bumps upon you. They freeze with you, sitting on the park bench. They stay awake with you until the alarm beeps at five in the morning. At certain point of time life demands you to be someone you never ever wanted to be. It makes you do something you always wanted to avoid doing. You get stuck somewhere in a place, you were even scared to look at. We all have been there. Time passes, pains become memory, leaving some huge questions on your real self, mortifying your existence, your pride.  

Then these souls remind you of your razor sharp strength, your extra sensitive emotion to fight the battle, to deny this soul wrenching phenomenon. They remind you that this universe just keeps on playing tricks with you to create the unloved and unvalued illusion of yourself. They make you realize that it's time to destroy the ancient, stereotypical image of life. It's no more that pleasant cup of tea but it's time to drink champagne now. Beyond all goods and evils, they accept you. They validate your beautifully flawed existence. They adore your frazzled self. They pick up your every broken piece. They add color to your otherwise dull and dark life. 

You understand love has nothing to do with the idea of a prince charming riding on horse and knocking your door. It has nothing to do with wining and dining in candle light on V'day. It has nothing to do with joining on the bridge with million dollar diamond ring or walking few miles along the beach. 

These souls show you that the purest form of love is 'Liberation'. They liberate you, they give you freedom. They drag you to a state of 'Ataraxia'- a state, you free yourself from all emotional disturbance and anxiety. They become your fellow passenger in the journey of your metamorphosis. A journey, where you flourish on intellectual, cultural and spiritual level. A journey, where a death of your older form and a birth of the newer one both pierce you. A journey, where you reveal a new, unknown version of yourself.

I don't climb up the stairs up to the roof top to wish upon the shooting stars. I always find those stars by my side, right inside me. They never cease to amaze me with their raw heart and unfiltered emotion. 

Did you find them? Once you find them, love them with all that's in you.


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