Thursday, 22 June 2017



Words are powerful. I wonder, what else can be as formidable as words. Words can emerge a war to the surface and then it can envelop the earth with peace. Words can strike the chord deep within with pure love. Words can wrench your delicate soul with everlasting wound of hatred. Words cross the borders, touch the horizon. It sails through the ocean. 

If one orients his words in a thread, with an eutaxy, you can dive deep into his soul, his mind at once. If one offers you the silence, he speaks a thousand words silently, fluently. Even silence  has its magical words.

Each and every existence in this universe, the sub-atomic particles, the atoms, the molecules, the planets, the stars speak their own words. Words that are wrapped with a ribbon of radiating energy.

The sky stabbing mountains shares its words with swirling white cloud, the gentle breeze passing over it. The lush green valley has its words for cozy chat with alpine forest, peacefully settled in its arms. With every sunrise, the trembling images of trees whispers its words to the surface of opaque green water . The waves splash on the sand, carrying its words to the beach and run back to gather new, unknown words. 

Words can proudly announce one's simple, mortal existence in this complex, immortal universe. Words define intelligence. Words define class. Words can combat the shyness of a solitary. Words can brighten up the unrevealed, unspoken thoughts hidden in  grey cells. Words can reveal the beauty of heart, the elegance of creation.  The words we speak can radiate through our skin, either intensifying the beauty or fading it away.

Words set up a mirror in front of us. A mirror of self realization. A mirror that courageously reflects our real self. The real self uncovers us layer by layer, strums every string of  heart. The words tear down the walls of obstacle, the walls of hesitation. Words arrive like a soulmate in mind, in heart. It arrives abruptly, all on a sudden, without any premonition. Sometime it takes the form of a transparent silent thought, sometime it soaks us in deep conversation. It arrives to open all the windows in heart, that were closed out of fear, in pain, in sorrow. The new light gets in, awakening the subconscious, knocking the hidden-self. 

We all are deeply in tune with this universe through our words. Words are magic. Word is the magician.  



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